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Some songs from Goldstein...

01 - they are here.mp3
02 - up ahead.mp3
05 - when we look back.mp3
07 - boys.mp3
08 - visiting your mother.mp3
09 - beloved.mp3
12 - for the best.mp3
13 - sherri's reprise.mp3
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Louis Goldstein has written a tell-all family memoir. The book is a best-seller. But is it true? History becomes personal in this uplifting and heartwarming, multi-generational exploration of the challenges and triumphs of an immigrant Jewish-American family. This original musical reminds us that families are complicated, the truth is never clear, and forgiveness is our best hope.

Original cast recording available now on Broadway Records

In 2018 Michael Roberts and writer Charlie Schulman debuted their new musical GOLDSTEIN Off Broadway at New York’s legendary Actor’s Temple Theater in Times Square, starring Broadway veterans Megan McGinnis, Aaron Galligen Sterle, Jim Stanek and Julie Benko.  The show, which follows three generations of a Jewish immigrant family, received a Off-Broadway Alliance nomination for Best Musical.

  Scripts and licensing info now available through StageRights. Click here for more.

Script and licensing information available at StageRights. 

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Some reviews for Goldstein...

“Goldstein is a quaint, bittersweet musical that moves seamlessly from humor to tragedy.”–This Week In NY 

“Heartfelt”–Time Out New York 

“Warm and affecting.”  –Village Voice 
“Very funny.” –
“Goldstein approaches relationships within a multi-generational Jewish family with refreshing honesty and sympathy. It is an enjoyable theatrical experience.”  –J
ewish Standard 

“Goldstein is a manna for those seeking a modern taste of the golden days of musical comedy.” –Stage Left 

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